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How To Draw The Best Videos Compiled by Debbie Doo

Drawing is fun and brain healthy too! Below are a few quick reasons why you should pick up a pencil and draw. I have selected some awesome videos to help you get started and to save you the time of scrolling. Enjoy and happy drawing everybody!

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Quick summary of the brain benefits of drawing. The science is in!

  1. An increase in brain activity on both sides of the brain. The theory that artists mostly use the right side of the brain has been proven to be untrue. Both sides of the brain are activated, improving spatial orientation and cognition. Winning!
  2. An improvement in creative thinking and imagination. This is a great way to not only relax the mind but the body too, as drawing really helps you be in the moment and quietens those chattering thoughts that can sometimes drive you bonkers.
  3. Improved memory. Who doesn’t need a bit of extra help in this department? I know I do! Drawing is now being used as treatments for conditions such as Alzheimer’s.
  4. An increase in dopamine levels. This one is especially important as the art of focus and concentration is becoming increasingly difficult in our modern world of constant distractions. Ding! yep, there is another notification on your phone.
  5. Stress relief. Yes, it has also been known to lower cortisol levels as drawing really helps you forget all about the concerns and worries of life, if only for a few glorious hours. When you are in a creative mind space, it gives your brain an extended lunch break. Oh and it’s satisfying too!

So get out the blunt pencils, sharpen them up and make YOU time to draw. You’ll be rolemodelling a super great and healthy activity for your kids while giving yourself a good reason to get out the laminator, and who doesn’t like doing that?😂

I really love how this channel gets the whole family involved👨‍👦
Your child/ren will love this super cute version of Santa🎅
Really clever and easy too!🌳
My wonderful mother in law has recently taking up drawing nature and talk out hidden talent!
Unleash your inner unicorn with this one🦄

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