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Debbie Doo
Debbie Doo is now on Spotify!

This is in no way a paid post.

Hi everyone, welcome or welcome back. This is just a super short post to let you know that I am indeed on Spotify and I’m loving it. Spotify is such a great platform to enjoy music of all kinds, whether you wanna work out, meditate or have super fun dance parties with your little ones, Spotify has you covered. My brand new song, “Let The Music Move Your Feet,” has just gone live and it’s streaming!

I wrote this song with a super funky dance beat to really get families moving and having fun. Happy healthy children. Isn’t that the goal?

So please enjoy my music on Spotify and don’t forget to follow my artist page. Stay tuned for some super exciting news and enjoy my new song 3rd from the top in the playlist below! Have fun singing and dancing too! Bye for now… Debbie Doo ❤⭐

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