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Debbie Doo

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Sing, dance, move and learn with Debbie Doo’s popular music videos!

With our children having unlimited content at their fingertips, it’s good to know that Debbie Doo has maintained her focus on delivering a trusted brand that is safe, educational, movement based and most importantly fun!

From classic nursery rhymes to the latest Debbie Doo original dance songs, dig deeper and you’ll discover a clear commitment to creating a movement and learning resource that contributes to future ready kids!

It would be a little silly not to throw in a small plug, after all you are on the Debbie Doo website. If you have not subscribed to our channel, you can subscribe via this link. In doing so you’ll be able to bring the magic of music and movement into your homes, daycare centres and schools.

So get your dancing shoes on and we’ll see you there!

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