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Debbie Doo


Unlike streaming services who may lower the quality of the music, by purchasing direct from debbiedoo.tv we give you the full studio quality file to add to your library. Debbie Doo will never sound better in the car or on the dance floor plus your support helps us to continue creating resources. We cannot do it without you.❤ Thanks again for your purchase and keep singing and dancing too! Debbie Doo ⭐


Karaoke Version It’s time for you to be the star! Step into Debbie Doo shoes and get ready to sing the lead vocals and dance along, supported by our back up singers.

If you know Debbie Doo then you will know her signature song ‘Lets Star Jump!’ Streamed and viewed hundreds of millions of times, this movement song has encouraged children to dance, jump and sing in homes, schools and stadiums everywhere! So get ready to Star Jump and watch as your little one/s or students give their bodies and hearts a workout! 💪❤

Great for school performances and end of year concerts.

Debbie Doo is a songwriter/performer and a practicing certified fitness professional who is passionate about encouraging not only preschool children, but older children and grown up’s to move too! She also works with children with diverse needs.




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