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Debbie Doo

It’s all about the music!

 Since humble beginnings, Debbie Doo has grown into a worldwide favorite best known for her YouTube channel Debbie Doo Kids TV featuring over 1 billion views and over 1.4 million subscribers. Debbie has written and produced over 80 original children’s songs designed to get little feet jumping while gaining important developmental skills. “Since becoming a mum I have been on the lookout for music that is inspiring, educational and movement-based while being enjoyable for both kids and adults (yes, our family has done those long road trips too!)

” My goal is to see Debbie Doo delight and inspire children to be healthy and active while developing a deep love of music “

Debbie Doo is the epitome of fun and embodies the joy and connection music brings to families across the globe. I will continue to write music that motivates movement, connection and adult/child interaction while making learning fun! So please use my music as a resource to help you share micro minutes and magic moments with your children, grandchildren or students before they grow up way too quickly!” Debbie Doo