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10 Awesome and Free Activities To Do as a Family. Debbie Doo

2 min read if you are not already encouraging your little one to catch and toss a ball with you. If you are, then just do that! If not, then read on.🏀

My blog today is about having fun with your family.

It’s about encouraging your most important social unit to take part in some good old-fashioned fun!

Spur your children into action with these simple ideas. You’ll be making memories while having lot’s of fun!

1. Song and dance party

Having a good old sing along cheers everybody up. From pop songs to dance songs to nursery rhymes. Just put on a Spotify playlist and have a dance party in your very own home.

2. Sing a round song

A round song is a song where all singers sing the same song, but at a different point in the song… phew, that’s a mouthful. Row Your Boat and London Bridge make great round songs. You may not be a nominated for a conductors award, but you’ll be having fun as you try to co ordinate all your voices. The Von Trapp Family Singers are in the house!

3. Action Stations

Cut out some carboard circles and write actions on them. Star jump, hop, jump, touch your toes… You get the idea. Place them side by side in the back yard and ask your little ones to run over to the circles and do the actions, boot camp toddler style. 😁

4. Put on a Play

Writing and staging a play is a super fun activity and children find it absolutely exhilarating. It really is something the whole family can take part in, even little ones. Toddlers will love a role where they may just move their puppets up and down or if they are above the age of 4 they may even be able to remember a few simple lines. All you need is a few props, puppets, simple costumes and ta da! Netflix is sure to come knocking!

5. Cycling

Bike riding is by far one of the most enjoyable activities you can do as a family. Apart from the obvious effects of full body and brain health, it gives children a real sense of independence. There are many bikes accessories for super young children, like trailers, bike seats and training wheels. Don’t forget to make sure your bikes are in full working order, especially the brakes and do invest in a great helmet.

6. Skipping

What can I say about this traditional almost forgotten activity? Well, firstly it’s brilliant exercise, it strengthens bones, co ordination and it cost next to nothing! It’s a slightly overlooked game of yesteryear that really needs to make a comeback. So get out your skipping ropes and get ready to jump! Even if you have small kids they will want to get involved in any way they can.  Don’t forget to sing some rhymes for some added value.

7. Shadow Tag

This is a super fun tag game that needs to be played on a sunny day. All you do is catch your little one by standing on their shadow and vice versa. They say you can’t outrun your shadow; this game will surely prove that theory!

8. What’s the time Mr Wolf?

Okay, so this was a childhood favourite. One player chooses to be Mr Wolf with the rest of the players lining up a few feet away. Mr Wolf has his back to the players as they ask “What’s the Time Mr Wolf. If Mr Wolf says 2 o’clock the players move up 2 steps. At any time in the game their question can be answered by a roar it’s dinner time by Mr Wolf who turns around in an attempt to catch the players. Whoever she catches is the new Mr Wolf.

9. Roll the dice

Another very simple movement activity. Just roll a dice and name an action encouraging your little one to do it as many times as the dice says. Children love and need to feels accomplished, so make sure you give them lot’s of praise after they have completed their reps! Whoops there’s my fitness trainer talk again.

10. Gentle Wrestle and Tumble Play

Last but definitely not least, hey I said it was simple, gentle wrestling or rough and tumble play as many call it. Wrestling is such an important activity to do with your child, even girls. I know my daughter loved it just as much as my son. Rough and tumble play develops strength, movement, boundaries and social skills. It’s also a wonderful way to connect. Set some strict guidelines like no biting, and have some gentle wrestle and tumble fun!

Hope you enjoyed this list and remember…

the best things in life really are free.❤

I hope you enjoyed this post today. I have included a Spotify set list below sure to get your family dance party rockin’! Thanks for tuning in today every body and I’ll see you all again soon. Bye for now. Debbie Doo⭐

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