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10 Reasons Why Resistance Training Just Can’t Be Ignored. Debbie Doo

Hi everyone, and welcome or welcome back to The Debbie Doo Blog. As many of you may or may not know, I am super passionate about exercise so much so I decided to begin the journey to qualification which has been one of the most rewarding and challenging things I have ever done. Learning about our anatomy, the 11 systems of the body, the way in which muscles move and interact the plains of movement and the…. Phew, I’ll stop here or we’ll never get into the body of this blog. So without making you feel as though resistance/strength training is just another thing you have to do, here are 10 reasons why even 5 minutes a day just might be what the doctor ordered.

1. Increased Strength

Resistance training challenges the muscles to react to the increase in the load placed upon it, therefore improving the muscles ability to produce a muscle contraction. Oh no, tech talk, but that’s how it works.

2. Increased Energy

Increasing the bodies BMR which stands for The Basal Metabolic Rate leads to the body producing energy at greater levels.

3. Increased Muscle Mass

A well known adaptation to muscle training is called muscle hypertrophy which is an increase and growth in muscle cells. So when you perform resistance training you increase your muscle mass and change your body composition. Simples.

4. Increased Metabolism

An increase in muscle mass means a substantial increase in our Basal Metabolic Rate. Muscle is super metabolic. More muscle leads to a higher resting metabolism, which is able to burn food to fuel at a much faster rate.

5. Increased Fat Burning

Resistance training helps with excess mass loss by increasing muscle size, thereby increasing the number of calories/kj we burn while we are at rest.

6. Prevention of Joint Injury

Strength, postural changes and imbalances can be common after bubs and as we grow older. Imbalances and weakness can lead to chronic pain, weakness and eventual injury. Strength training can help to address this by strengthening muscle that protects synovial joints and correcting imbalances. This is something a trainer or physio can assist with.

7. Increased Joint Strength and Stability

Resistance training strengthens tendons and ligaments around important joints. This strengthening, due to the external load, naturally increases the stability of our joints.

8. Increased Bone Mineral Density

Did you know that our bones are always growing? The more stress applied to our skeletal system in the form of resistance and weight bearing activity the more bone growth we experience, making our bone matrix stronger and denser. This is super important as we age to avoid our bones becoming weak and brittle.

9. Improved posture and balance

Strength training allows a great improvement in the strength of our muscles that support our spine leading to an improvement in both balance and posture.

10. Decreased risk of muscle atrophy

Muscle atrophy is when muscles cells begin to break down. This is usually caused by a lack of physical activity that promotes muscle growth and maintenance. Age-related muscle loss is called sarcopenia. Muscle loss makes our lives pretty challenging when we find it harder to lift ourselves out of chairs or pick up things that may of once been easy to carry. To maintain total independence at any age preserving muscle mass is definitely time well spent. 💪

Thanks for visiting today. I sincerely hope this post added value and you feel inspired to look after your most important home – your body. Don’t forget to like, share and comment. The purpose of The Debbie Doo Blog is to share information that can help us be the best version of ourselves while we raise the next generation. ❤

See you all again soon. Bye for now. Debbie Doo ⭐

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