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3 Super Indoor Activites for Active Preschoolers! Debbie Doo

Approx 2 min read…Yep I know how much time us busy people have… 😏

Kids love and need to move. It is how their developing mind and body grows. The brain relies on movement to make important neutral connections and the body relies on the brain for well… everything! Below are 3 tried and tested indoor activities that are sure to help strengthen your child’s co-ordination, muscle strength, balance and flexibility and of course they are super fun too! Below is a playlist that can help motivate your pre-schooler to be active while dodging, jumping, aiming and practicing their ever-increasing skills. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mail list and let the games begin!

  1. Balloon Volleyball – As the name suggests, this is a fun game that focuses a child’s attention and prediction while they move. Stick a line of tape, (painters tape works well) on the floor as a make-believe net and encourage your child to tap the balloon over the line to another player without letting it touch the floor. Get ready for lots of jumping, stretching and giggling for this one.
  2. Hide and Seek with Everyday Objects – A variation for the classic game, come up with a list of items to show your child, anything from a pair of clean socks, to a hat, to plush toy. Usually no more than 3 things for a pre-schooler. Once they have seen the items hide them around the house, matching the hiding places with your child’s age and ability. For a twist ask them to pretend to be an occupation that finds things and watch as they use their brain’s, their imagination and their body to search for the objects. Another fun and simple activity that will be firing up your child’s brainpower.
  3. Sock Snowball – I used to play this one a lot with my own kids, as I have never been a fan of snowball fights. Snowballs hurt! Using a clean pair of rolled up socks and a room that allows for a bit of space, have fun throwing snowballs. Set a few ground rules such as no socks in faces before you begin and get ready for your child to learn, move, anticipate and strategize. A super fun and safe activity the whole family can enjoy. Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for more simple and fun ideas, tips and resources. Stay tuned for my Alphabet Fun colouring in pages and i’ll see you all again soon! Debbie Doo ⭐

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