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Halloween can be a time when parents of young children may feel mixed emotions. Many feel excitement over dressing their kids in spooky costumes, while others may feel worried that Halloween is too scary… The good news is that research suggests children as young as 3 and 4 are quite good at making the fantasy verses reality distinction. So whatever side of the cauldron you are on, here are 3 super fun Halloween activities to keep you all on your toes while strengthening listening and instruction taking skills. Below is a Spotify Playlist to help you bring the howl of Halloween to life! BOO!

  1. The BOO Dance Using some fun props like capes and witches hats, put on a spooky song and ask your little one to creep around the room with you, doing Halloween actions like climbing, scurrying and floating around like ghosts. Make all sorts of sound effects in a fun way such as moaning and cackling. But it is only when the word BOO is said that children have to sit on the floor until the music starts again. The last child to sit on the floor is out and the last remaining child is the winner. If your little one is under 3, take the game component out of it and play the game with them sitting down quickly as soon as they hear the word, teaching kids to take directions and anticipate an instruction.
  2. Stirring The Cauldron – Using ribbons and the above playlist of upbeat Halloween songs, ask children to pretend to stir a cauldron with ribbons. When a grown up makes the sound of a frog croaking, the players must perform 3 actions in sequence, such as jumping, twirling or swaying. It’s up to the leader to decide. When the actions are performed, grown up’s can give their children lots of praise for paying attention and listening. This encourages positive associations to following instructions and it’s a whole lot of fun. If your little one is under 3 give them only 1 action to remember and praise when they perform it to the best of their ability.
  3. Pass the Witches Hat – Get your kids active with this spooky chasing game and enjoy the sound of all the laughter that it evokes. Much like pass the ball, ask children to sit in two separate lines and give each a witch’s hat. When the leader says go, the players must work as a team to pass the witches hats on to each other’s heads until they reach the back of the line. Once the hat is on the last child’s head, she/he must run to the start of the line and proceed to pass the hat on the head of the next child. The first child to be sitting down with the witches hat on their head is the winner. If your little one is under 3 put on some fun Halloween music on and just dance with the hats on. They will love taking them on and off and most propably dressing you up in them too. Have fun! 🎃

A little fan dressing up as me for Halloween… I hope this outfit got her lot’s of candy! Wonderful 🤗

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