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20 Simple Acts of Kindness New Ways to Make a Difference

Two min read unless of course you are in the middle of making someone a cup of tea while complimenting them on their smile. In that case just do that.☕ If not, read on…

Everyday offers us all a new opportunity to be kind. Whether for a loved one, a co-worker, a child, a grandparent, the elderly or a complete stranger you’ll never regret showing some one that you care.

Research suggests that being kind reinforces our own sense of identity, making us feel proud of who we are.

So here are 20 simple acts of kindness that could help us all raise the collective unifying force of the planet when it needs it the most.

Don’t forget to let us know in the comments box below if you have any simple acts of kindness that you would like to share. Enjoy…

  1. If you have a friendly dog, ask a local senior resident’s centre if you can bring it in for a visit. Animals can have a wonderfully therapeutic and healing effect on the elderly.
  2. Offer to help a new parent with a meal or a hand with laundry. New parents are often overwhelmed and tired. This simple act of kindness will never be forgotton. 🥰
  3. While doing your own, offer to mow your neighbour’s yard while you’re at it. Double incidential exercise much!
  4. Drive an elderly neighbour to a doctor’s appointment. It may seem like an easy thing for us to do, but for the elderly with possible mobility issues it’s a huge help.
  5. Start a community garden. Encourage members of your neighbourhood to come together in order to share land, skills and the harvest with your community.
  6. Send a random bouquet on a random day. Cause who doesn’t adore that?
  7. Make a personalised music playlist on one of the many online platforms for a family member or a friend filled with all the music you know they love.🎵
  8. Make a card to celebrate a child’s achievement whether social, academic or an act of kindness they themselves did. Children love and need positive feedback.
  9. Purchase beauty products that do not test on animals. Kindness to our animal friends goes a long way.
  10. Donate books or instruments that you do not use anymore to your local school. With constant budget cuts this act of kindness with have a far-reaching effect.
  11. Volunteer at your child’s school. There are endless small jobs that can be a big help to our wonderful teachers.
  12. Support a literacy program. Volunteer your time in helping children who need extra support to read.
  13. Donate your old bike to help lift a village out of poverty. Your old bike could be another families main form of much needed transportation.
  14. Plant a tree. Urban forests help to improve air quality. A simple act of kindness to the planet helps us and future generations.
  15. Donate or collect toys for young families living in homeless shelters.
  16. Look for household items that you have not used for the last 12 months and donate them to a local shelter, school or opportunity shop.
  17. Give a young person a job during school break. Wash your car, help paint your fence, or rake the garden. Giving a young person something meaningful to do that enables her/him to earn some money will make them feel proud and validated.
  18. Donate a dog or cat bed to a local animal shelter. These organisations are always stretched and your old bedding will help make a four legged friend comfortable during a confusing and worrying time.
  19. Compliment someone genuinely. Your recognition and awareness of how truly wonderful they are will mean more than any ribbon, badge or trophy.
  20. Return kind gestures. If a family member or friend brings you a harvest from her garden or a book to read, respond in kind with a tray of homemade muffins, treats or loose-leaf tea. Responding in kind, helps to reinforce good deeds within the community.

I hope you enjoyed these simple acts of kindness ideas and it gave you food for though.

Simple acts of kindness strengthen our humanity by bringing us together and improving our quality of life.

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