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Debbie Doo
Why Everybody Can and Should Sing and Why Its Benefits Just Can’t Be Ignored! Debbie Doo

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Everybody can sing and should sing! Why? Because it is just so darn good for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Oh, and it also releases endorphins, winning! Read on…

As you may already know, singing has been around since the dawn of time. Our natural voices have been used to communicate, to instruct, to delight and to express our rawest emotions. We are emotional beings that thrive on social inclusion. No matter how modern our world gets, we still have a part of our brain and our psyche that needs to feel connected to a tribe. Okay, so what does a tribe have to do with singing, you may ask. Good question. New research suggests that singing together is potent in bringing about social inclusion and social change. Our neurotransmitters also known as our brain chemicals, release endorphins when we sing, giving us a natural high that not only energizes our bodies but our souls too. Singing is a powerhouse of possibility that promotes self-esteem and supports skill development, enabling people of all ages and abilities to come together to create something that money simply cannot buy, self-confidence and sensitivity.

Unfortunately, unlike dancing, many people freeze when asked to sing. Self-conscious of the sound of their voice, or fearful that there attempts might be ridiculed or mocked, they close the door to singing and that is sad. 😢 I have learned in life is that our little voice, also known as our intuition, knows what’s good for us. Not only is it our inbuild survival mechanism, but it is also our biggest coach, or our worst critic. But here is a thought. What if we let our inner coach speak up? What if we told that negative, self-critical part of our brain to just chill out? What if we told that inner critic that having the courage to sing would make us feel better, would connect us to our community and give us a deeper sense of self-worth and happiness? What if?

Singing is a cathartic activity. Not only does it provide us with an outlet for our feelings it triggers our endocrine system that influences almost every cell, organ, and function of our bodies. Inside the womb our earliest auditory experience was the sound of our mothers’ voice. Her voice was interwoven with core emotional states central to the human condition. When parents sing songs to their little ones, before and after birth, it is a rare and fleeting opportunity to build a meaningful and strong bond with your child. Your child loves your singing voice, so please don’t worry if you believe you can’t sing. Pitch and vibrato, or whether you can hit all the notes, don’t mean a thing to your child. They recognize your voice for its loving, soothing, comforting and safe qualities.

Children naturally love to sing. It enhances memory, recall and gives the respiratory system a boost. It also just cannot be beat when it comes to pre language and language skills, especially due to the rhyming component of most songs and nursery rhymes. It really shouldn’t be ignored in the field of early childhood development, that is why most day-care centres and schools utilize it as an important part of their framework.

In closing, What I truly love about singing is that it allows us to fulfil our potential while exercising our basic voice mechanism across the whole human lifespan. It motivates, teaches and gives us a sense of achievement and purpose. So warm up your vocal cords and get singing. You will be role modelling such a rewarding and positive activity for your pre-schooler/s, and your heart will love you for it! ♥

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