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What’s Age Got To Do With It? Debbie Doo

Approx 2 min read… Unless you’re a speed reader of course. In that case, it will probably take a minute.😍

Below, is a very simple YouTube video of an old classic. One of the first songs I learned to play. Enjoy. 🥰

Chronological age should be no barrier in learning a new skill. I honestly believe this statement based on my experience of learning how to play the piano and read music at the age of 33. Please read on!

When I was a child, I began piano lessons with a kind and enthusiastic teacher. Although I loved piano, I found my voice and kind of loved that more, so I dropped it and began classical training. So where did that leave my poor piano teacher? With one less student I’m afraid.

Now, fast forward 20 years. I’m a new mum who has just discovered the wonderful world of children’s music inspired by of course, my own children. Why else would I be singing about 10 green bottles?🤨

Deciding I am going to write children’s songs that motivate movement and learning, I sit down at my neglected keyboard and the realization that I don’t remember how to play suddenly strikes a chord, (Yes, I also like puns) So, what do I do? You guessed it. I use the 3 P’s. Practice, persistence and patience to re learn how to play. Okay so I am not going to lie. Yes, it was slow and arduous. Yes, I got frustrated and felt like giving up. Yes, I tapped the side of my head so many times I thought I might permanently leave indentation marks on my temples, but my passion was ignited! Only 15 minutes a day and my brain began to create and establish a strong neurological pathway through repetition, consistency and belief made my dream of playing something more challenging then Brother John a reality. I love that word!

Fast forward to today and re learning this skill has enabled me to write my whole song library, some of which have been streamed hundreds of millions of times on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

So, what is the takeaway? Your brain is a miraculous supercomputer that wants and needs to move! Although it may at first procrastinate and doubt and compare and…Well, you get the picture, it will become your greatest asset in your pursuit of learning. Remember. Age is NO barrier. So, pick up  that guitar that sits in your back cupboard. Make that triple decker rainbow cake that in the past resembled the end of a paintball session, (speaking from experience here) and treat yourself to a new learning experience. You’ll be a great role model for your kids own learning journey and your supercomputer will thank you for it!  

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