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Do Our Kids Have High Expectations? Debbie Doo

The rich, the famous, the beautiful. It’s hard not to envy them all. But how does it make our children feel? Recently a friend of mine decided to spend quality time with her daughter, following her interest in learning how to draw. But as quickly as little horses were drawn, so too were they scrunched up and thrown out! Not good enough. But why? 

Everyday we are bombarded with perfect outcomes, flawless beauty, quick life hacks and fast success.

Precision marketing sends us and our children powerful messages that the current world we live in has VERY high standards.

So how can we help our children build their self esteem in such a pressurized world? Here’s a few simple ideas from a very wise and strategic mum that I regularly converse with…

  • Teach kids to love and accept themselves for who they are. Each child is unique and capable of positive and caring actions.
  • Encourage children not to compare themselves with others. Instead teach kids to be grateful. Take care not to over expose kids to extreme images.
  • Help children set and achieve goals. For achievement builds self esteem!
  • Reinforce the power of not giving up. Help kids learn to see challenges as opportunities for personal growth and future progress! Try new things to find their hidden talents! Try to keep expectations balanced and realistic for their age.
  • Don’t just focus on the end result, but enjoy the journey, otherwise things become a drag. Remind kids to enjoy the thrill of using their own talents.

Back to those little horse drawings… When we choose goals too hard, have expectations too high, desire success too fast or try to be something we are not… we make ourselves unhappy. Overly comparing ourselves makes us feel inadequate, frustrated and like giving up. We must teach our children to be patient and realistic in pursuing their goals and their dreams!

Work hard not to compare yourself or your loved ones to others. The sun and the moon never compare or compete. They shine in their own time and in their own way – Debbie Doo

Best of all teaching children to use their talents to help themselves and others will make them feel happy, useful and secure. Now that’s a great expectation we can all achieve!

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