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Cool Math Games For Preschoolers Debbie Doo

Approx 2 min read if you’re not multitasking.😄

Maths can be fun, if the seeds of positivity are planted at an early age. Below are 3 simple interactive math’s activities to help your child make happy associations to math while becoming school ready. For free videos and resources, I have included my 2 x tables song and video as a early introduction to timestables. Music is math, so use it to fuel your child’s learning potential and have fun!

  1. Hungry, Hungry Hand – This is a easy maths activity that can be done anywhere. With your hand as a prop, you can draw little eyes and a nose on your hand and leave the rest to your little one’s imagination. Let your child know that Miss or Mr Hungry hand is well… hungry and in order to fill her/him up your child must count the correct number of things in order for Miss Hand to gobble them up. You could use miniature art pom, poms, pencils, crayons or even plastic money. Anything that is child friendly and easy to count. During the counting process you could engage with some dramatic play with your hand, expressing how happy your hands is as you pretend to munch all the objects after your child has counted the groups correctly, followed by a big hug. Drawing on your child’s sense of empathy for Mr Hungry Hands, this is a great way to associate counting with purpose. You can use a puppet if you prefer. Remember kids love silly play, stories and actions. So put on your favourite hungry voice to help make this one a favourite.
  2. Money Box Madness – Another super simple counting game. Using a money box with a plug hole on the bottom and plastic coins, ask your child to find and sort all the coins of the same value into groups. Once they have sorted correctly, ask them to count each coin by a value of 1 as they put it into the money box. Once they have counted each group correctly, ask them to shake the money box to the number they counted. For example, if they put in 10 coins they get to shake the money box 10 times. When they achieve the desired outcome, give your little one lots of praise, telling them how clever at math they are. Your praise and attention will be reward enough for this one.
  3. Miss/Mr Mover, Count and Find – Another super simple counting game, this time using your home, day-care or preschool to set the stage for learning. Miss/Mr Mover wants to get an idea of how many things he can fit into the truck. Can you help Miss/Mr Mover find and count? Then you can create your own itinerary. For example, you can ask your child to find and count 2 sofa’s, 1 washing machine, 5 tea towels, 7 socks, 8 books. Kids love stories attached to activities. Also adding a story to the counting game gives it purpose. Like us, children love purpose and lending a helping hand, even if it’s only an imaginary one. You can build on this activity in whatever way you like. You might also find they next time you ask your pre-schooler to hand you a household item they will know exactly where it is and that’s winning!

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