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3 Super Music And Movement Play Group Activities That Are Fun And Educational Too! Debbie Doo

Musical activities are a great way to have fun and bond with your child. Socializing your child at a young age is super important too, so put on the Spotify playlist below while performing these group activities and have fun! 😊

  1. Farm Animal Fun – Using a large piece of material with a lot of give, polyester/elastane usually does the trick, arrange the playgroup in a circle and ask each member to grab hold of the material, giving it a little stretch. Once this has been achieved put on an up-tempo song. I recommend, My Teddy Bear by Elvis Presley and throw ten or more finger puppets into the centre. When the music starts, begin waving the material up and down simultaneously until all the finger puppets are jumping. When the puppets jump off the material, and they will, encourage children to quickly put them back into the centre adding some dramatic play with dialogue such as , “quick let’s get all the animals back in the pen.” This activity will both excite and delight your little one especially at the end of the song when all the animal puppets are tossed in the air. Once the activity is complete, ask little ones to pick up all the puppets, reinforcing cleaning up and packing away.
  2. Beach Ball Bonanza – Beach balls are fun and lightweight. Simply release up to 10 beach balls into the centre of the room and no further explanation is needed. Encourage your little ones to catch, throw, kick, chase and bounce. Great for muscle development, hand eye co-ordination, fitness and socialization. Your child will have a ball with this activity!
  3. Old Mac Donald Had a Band – Instruments are a fun and cost-effective way to teach your child important musical concepts, while promoting concentration and fine motor skills. Sitting in a circle, hand out different instruments to each child. Anything from clappers to tone blocks, to percussion eggs or floor drums. Once each child has their own instrument sing old MacDonald had a band (to the tune of Old Macdonald Had a Farm) and in that band he had a drum. At this point the child with the drum is encouraged to play his own solo, by beating on the drum a few times. The nursery rhyme is repeated until every child has had a turn. Finish the activity by singing and in that band, everybody played, encouraging children to play their instruments together. A simple musical activity, sure to create a lot of fun filled noise.

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