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3 Spooky Halloween Musical Activites The Whole Family Will Enjoy!

Halloween is traditionally observed on October 31st and is celebrated in many countries around the world. It’s a fun day that encourages creativity, dress ups, story telling, laughter and community spirit. Full of imagination, colour and yes candy, here are 3 super spooky and silly musical activities you can do with your little one to get the Halloween Party started. Here is a Spotify Link to some classic Halloween Favourites sure to get everybody into the Halloween Spirit. Ready Mr Music! Whooo Whooo…

1. Happy Halloween Hula Hoops

This is a super simple game that helps your child with memory retention and instructions. Depending on the size of your group, put colourful hula hoops on the ground and play your favourite Halloween songs, encouraging your child to dance. When the music stops, they must pile into a hoop and yell Happy Halloween! If a participant fails to remember to yell Happy Halloween. When the music begins once more, take a hula hoop away until there is only 1 left. The last remaining child who yells out Happy Halloween while not putting a foot outside the hula hoop is the winner. If your little one is under 3 take away the game component of the musical activity and just watch as they jump into hula hoops yelling Happy Halloween!

2. Spooky Spider Soup

Spooky Spider Soup is a fun game finger play game that strengthens fine motor skills, contributing to a stronger pen grip as little ones grow.

Using a baby pool filled with shallow water no higher than a child’s wrist, instruct children to turn their hands into spooky Halloween spiders in order the chase each other. With no more than two children at a time, put on some fast-paced music and yell go! Children must chase one another with no part of their hands leaving the water with the aim to tap the other players thumb 3 times before the other has the chance to scurry away. Depending on age, if a child lifts their hands out of the water in order to get away, they are out, and a new game is started. If your little one is under 3 then a fun game of chasing without any rules will keep them moving. A great summer activity the whole family can enjoy…

3. Monster Stomp Dance

Putting on a fun Halloween Song with a strong 4/4 beat, encourage your little one to stomp around the room like a scary monster. When the music stops, give them an instruction like, stomp 3 times, clap 4 times or howl like a ghost. As the music continues add on more actions, encouraging them to remember and perform the one prior in the right sequence. A fun movement activity that helps with memory retention and sequencing.Don’t forget to subscribe for more free resources, musical activity ideas and upcoming events. Happy Halloween everybody and BOO!

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