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3 Simple Home Activities to Power Positive Messaging Debbie Doo

Approx 2 minute read if you don’t have a little pooch who is looking at you with puppy eyes, hoping to grab your attention. If not, then read on. 🐾

Being positive matters! There I said it. Now it would be easy for me to finish this post right here, but I’m guessing you were hoping for a little more, so here goes…

Let’s just say you’re at work and your boss asks you to complete a task. Determined to give it your best, you set your mind to the goal and go about delivering in your humble opinion what could be some of your finest work. Feeling good about yourself, you moonwalk into your boss’s office to hand over what you are sure will be a hit. So, what does your boss or colleague do? With a somewhat bored and possible overwhelmed look, she/he politely says thank you and chucks in on top of a pile of other documents before eyeing you out the door. How does that make you feel? Deflated and unmotivated to put your heart and effort into future endeavours, I’m guessing.

How differently could this have played out if your boss just took a few moments to acknowledge and praise your work with eye contact and a smile that says I value, respect and appreciate you and I’m looking forward to reviewing your work and giving it feedback. Now how do you feel? Possibly validated, refreshed and ready to kick some serious goals…

Same rules apply for our children. While broadly falling under positive parenting, positive messaging relates to how you build your child’s self-esteem, enabling them to feel worthy, valued (there is that word again) and loved. In practical terms this can mean.  

-Taking time out whenever you can to pay attention to what your child is saying and doing.

– Praising the effort and not the just the result. Children need to know it is okay to fail sometimes, it’s how we all learn.

– Not assuming they know how much you love them. It is easy to get caught up in life, but the simple words, I love you make them feel safe and secure.

Sometimes it’s all about starting small and building up. Laying a foundation around the house can provide great opportunities for meaningful connection. Saying simple things like great job, I’m very proud of you, or thanks for helping will mean the world to your child/children. Below are 3 positive activities you can do around the house to remind your child how wonderful and unique they are. Most of them take no time at all and are fun to do! Well what are you waiting for. It’s time to put a smile on your child’s dial…

1. Beautiful Bananas

This is a great activity that is so quick to implement. Grab a bunch of bananas and take some time to write positive phrases on each one of them with a marker. Us humans are curious beings, so even if your little one cannot read yet they will still notice that something is written on the banana. Take that moment to read the affirmation. It can be followed with an action too. For example. “You deserve lots of hugs.” Then of course give your little one, pre-teen or teen a super big hug! Secretly your older child will love it, even if they act as if you just cancelled their subscription to Netfix. 

I love this idea❤

2. Lovable Chart

I have seen this work in classrooms with such great success. Just print out the suggested symbols below and stick them on a chart that you may keep at the entrance of your home.

  1. Hug (love heart symbol)
  2. Handshake (hand symbol)
  3. High five (hand symbol)
  4. Song of choice (music notes)

When your little ones enter the house, ask them to choose what gesture they would like. If they say high five, give them a big high five. If they say hug, give them a hug. If they say song of choice, sing them a few verses. This is a wonderful way to help your child make choices, while encouraging daily positive interaction and connection.

3. Affirm It with Music

Affirmations have long been used in the adult space to train our minds to think and act in an optimistic way. Children can benefit hugely from affirmations too and with the added benefit of music, you will be on the way to helping your child look at the world through happy and grateful eyes, even when the going gets tough. Remember the seeds you plant now, will fruit tomorrow. Below is an affirmation I wrote to the tune of the ABC song. You are very welcome to use it.

I am learning, yes, I am

And I do the best I can

Learning, learning everyday

Learning, learning my own way.

I am learning, yes I am.

And I do the best I can.

I am clever, I am smart,

A wonderful, wonderful work of art.

I make mistakes, but that’s okay,

It helps me learn, my own way.

I am learning, yes I am

And I do the best I can… 

Written by Debbie Doo 2019 

That’s it. 3 remarkably simple home activities that can help you plant positive seeds in your child’s brain that will help them fruit into the happy and well-adjusted humans they deserve to be…

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